Welcome to My Private Site!

Easily secure posts, pages, or your entire WordPress site by requiring visitors to login

This plugin creates a Private Site that requires site visitors login before viewing your web site. The only things visible to anyone not logged in (and this includes search engines) are your site's WordPress login page, any pages specified in the Public Pages tab, any non-WordPress components of your website, such as HTML, PHP, ASP or other non-WordPress web page files, and images and other media and text files, but only when accessed directly by their URL, or from a browser's directory view, if available.

To see your site, each visitor will need to be registered as a user on your WordPress site. They will also have to enter their username and password on the WordPress login screen.

You can choose what they see immediately after they login by selecting a Landing Page.

Getting started

The best way to get started with My Private Site is to watch the Getting Started video below.

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Ticket-based support

Support has moved to the ZATZLabs site and is no longer provided on the WordPress.org forums. If you need support from the developer, please open a ticket.

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